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Poet: weirdgirl4everme

Yo. This is me. I speak the truth. Don't judge me 'till you know my work. I have spoken...

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About the Author
I am Crystal, also known as CrysCrys and I am 13 years old. I was inspired to start my poetic accomplishments from my 6th grade Language Arts/Science teacher. It started with "A Day At A Carnival" and went on since that week nearly 2 years ago.
Over those two years, life has become more and more difficult, and writing was my way out. I have been involved with Poetry.com since the summer before then.
I hope to inspire others who need a way out. It took time for me, but after I discovered music, drawing, and writing were good alternatives and thinking buddies besides friends, I have been slightly more organized.
So, until the day you hear my name at a poetry convention that I again, don't attend, PeAcE.
I just added most of my poems...I have more to type up yet, so, yeah.
Regarding a recent feedback...yeah, I'm suicidal and anti-social, but America made me that way. Blame America!!!
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