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Poet: wishful11984

welcome to my webpage! poetry isnt my life...that would be my daughter. but its how I express my life or things that have happened to me... as i have recently found out life is tough...real tough... but there isnt anything you can do about that...just hang in there cause there will be a point when things can only get better
wow, so much has changed laitly. first off i need to thank a few people. both my parents: for the way i was brought up and all of the good and bad things that have happened have made it possible for all these poems!
another thing, im in love! yeep the one who swore she'd never fall, fell and hard! hes great, very understanding! Baby, I Love you!
I have spent the past four months in texas, but due to personal reasons i came back to Iowa for a temporary visit!
Things in life are never ever as they seem dont give into temptation no matter what because the out come and consequences are never worth it!
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