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Poet: withinmyheart

Welcome to the deepest corners of my heart. Where words can express the vision of my soul and hope never dies!

For longer than I can recall I have had poetry burning it's way thru my veins. My style has changed over the years as I have grown and developed as a woman but my heart has never changed. I may have maintained the simplicity of life but my heart continues to flourish. Please feel free to pull up to a comfortable place in your life, sip a warming cup of tea and walk with me down the pathways of my heart. As you walk I hope you'll allow our souls to become friends because at times we may feel the need to cry together, to laugh together and to share the stories of our hearts. Poetry isn't just for reading, it's for coming into touch with your own soul. I hope you allow the words of my soul to touch yours and show you a brighter picture outside the window to your soul.
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About the Author
I've lived it would seem one hundred thousand years and yet life never ceases to amaze me. I can see colors where no one else can see them, I can hear sounds that no one else is aware of, and I see love where others fail to believe. But then sometimes you have to believe to see. And more often than not believing comes from the heart.

I hope you enjoy reading my poetry because all of it comes from deep within my heart. Some of it flowed thru me, from somwhere beyond this world, some was born of a love deeply felt within me and some; born from hope and desire and trust.

I trust you will enjoy what you read, and if you do please leave me feedback. I'd love to hear from you. All I ask is that as you read, you do so with your heart, for the heart can see things that the eyes often times miss. And the true meaning of good poetry should never be missed out on.

Truth Revealed

Now I understand
The silence of your voice,
A world of changes brought
Upon us without choice

A lifetime spent apart
In the space of just one year,
Only to face alone
My one deepest fear.

The past lost in the present
We never had control,
The pain of lonely silence
Fills a heavy soul.

A love lived alone
A final good bye found,
My love won't be released
Til death lays me in the ground.

One promise made lost
Forever comes to heel,
Cast out upon the shore
Agony all to real.

Time marches on
In an ever changing life,
Dreams put on a shelf
Shadows of a wife.

Curled on a pillow
The death of nothing more,
Forever lost to hope
These tear drops on my floor.


Slowly it beats but beat it does
Even though it beats now for one,
Time passes slowly alone
The past can't be undone.

Old wounds scar over
Taking their time to heal,
No matter how infectious
The pain I know is real.

Time doesn't heal all wounds
Some thing's just can't be cured,
My lonely empty crying tears
Are the only sound now heard.

I wrap my agony about
Like a cloak filled with misery,
I carry it with me into my nights
As it keeps me company.

To feel the pain that I now feel
I know I live inside.
Though death may beckon me
Outward from life I still hide.

I let no one in now
I keep them all at bay,
No one gets to see in me
Loneliness fills my day.

One day love may come again
Though my door will remain closed,
I'll let no one near me now
My heart won't be exposed.

To have loved and lost is not better
For the pain is much to real,
'Tis better to not love at all
Then live with this pain I feel.

Alone I am and alone I'll be
It's how I prefer me now,
To live and die by my own self
This is my final vow.

copyright November 1, 2005
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