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Poet: yana

* * * One Day At A Time - poetry by Yana Petkov * * *

My perspective of life changed in 2002, when diagnosed with
Cancer, Hodgkin's Disease; September of 2004 with Meningioma,
Tumor of the Brain; and most recently, December of 2005,
with Waldenstrom's Disease, a thickening of the blood which if it
elevates can lead to cancer. Other disorders received are a result
of extensive Chemo and Radiotherapy.

Writing helps me tremendously in concentrating on living life
to its fullest and to Keep On Keeping the Faith!
Prayers and support keep my strength growing. I will
keep on fighting so I can win the battles to recovery,
and I thank one and all for being a part of my living.
My desire is to share my verses of expression with you,
and, God willing, One Day publish a book.

Feel free to share your thoughts with Feedback and Critique.
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Thank you for your visit and do come back any time you wish!

What's invisible to sight,
can be felt by the heart.

Believe in believing... One Day At A Time!

Yana Petkov
About the Author

As far back as my memory goes, my thoughts and feelings have always been written or drawn on on a piece of paper. My hobbies in life are surrounded with gifts of art and music, therefore, it's no wonder why I enjoy expressing myself in verses.

Bulgarian is my first language, which I am thankful to my parents and ancestors for the teaching. The second is French, where in Belgium I started my schooling in Brussels. When my family immigrated to the United States, I started the language with the opening of an English dictionary - I am truly Proud To Be An American! In the midst of growing up I joined a Folkore Dance Group and Church Choir - through these arts I connected and learned the language of the country of Serbia, my birth place.

My gift of music is not only heard through the dances of nature's breeze, but also on a keyboard my parents gifted me. My once illusive dreams are polished while striking those ebony and ivory keys. And the music of my choice is heard in the hearts of those who not only listen, but hear!

Since being diagnosed with cancer in 2002, I began polishing my written thoughts I now share with you. I am most thankful for the gift of sharing, for it is something I forbid to ever lose. God has always been by my side and to Him I am grateful for the gift of my inner strength, for it is through this energy that I am able to go on with my gift of expression.

I dedicate my verses to all who take the time to read my thoughts, for your respect is sincerely appreciated!

Yana Petkov

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Traveling through time, taking One Day At A Time

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