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* Love Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

  1. http://poetrypoems.com/terispage.     poems by teri
  2. poems by gary.     poems from the heart
  3. Hindi Gazals and poetry.     It is Hindi poetry..for Hindi Lovers....and Indians...
  4. poetry5798.     poetic verses
  5. A Big Warm Hug On A Cold Winters Day.     Poetry
  6. Live Like This Forever.     Poems Straight From The Heart
  7. Poetry in the Beside Cold Water Reading Room.     Poetry Collections by T.M. Malo: The Fountain, The River, and Beside Cold Water
  8. Poetic Haven.     A variety of poems written by C.E.Vance.
  9. MARIA DE LA GANDARA versus.     poems
  10. Spirit Chimes.     poems of love and life by Patricia Joan Jones
  11. www.poetrypoem.com/bunion.     Words of hope and love in rhyme
  12. Krishnaspoems.     the site contains poems related to life, love, romance and inspirational
  13. Poetry of Love and loss of love..     The rise and fall of a twenty year relationship.
  14. Running blind with pointy objects.     Adventure/Fantasy/Love/Loss /The Unknown
  15. Soul Mirrors.     Good reading poetry. Thought and feeling displays.
  16. Ethel`s Poetry From The Heart.     Mainly love poetry. All is from my heart.
  17. Tonya`s Touch of Poetry.     Experiencing Love,Loss Love,and Life
  18. poetckingnltnmnt.     philosophical meanderings through the canyons of my mind
  19. Babygurl7.    
  20. Angels From God, Reasons From Above.     Poetry
  21. ASG_Wolfstar.     Poetry of love and the pain of failed love.
  22. MIND AND SOUL.     My personal poetry collection
  23. The Art of Love.     Poetry By April, Love, Inspirational, Romantic, and of Life
  24. POETIC DREAMS.     My growing poetry collection
  25. tenderness.     what is in my Russian soul and heart
  27. Thoughts.     poems of love and broken hearts
  28. Poems by Max Curtis Yates.     Max Curtis Yates is one of the hottest new upcoming poets. The poet’s latest book is schedules to be in major stores late this year. A must have for romantics/love/relationships/life poem lovers!
  29. Emerging Butterfly.     Insperational, Nature, Emotions of the soul spilled out on paper
  30. Verses of Life.     Poems of new love, lost love and life on it`s terms
  31. my attempt at good poetry.     alot of person and wordly poetry
  32. Jo Lynn`s Poetic Verses.     Inspirational Poetry about Love
  33. Thoughts and Prayers Of A Dreamers Dream.     Just my thoughts and prayers of days to come in my life dreaming the dreamers dream
  34. daniel wessell.     My Feelings
  35. Collection of Me.     Collective Thoughts
  36. Feelings World.     Poems are just a way to be with You again and to feel my self as I love to be.
  37. The mind Speaks.     Expressions of love and life
  38. Heart Strings.     Poems from my heart to yours.
  39. Romantic Love Poems.     romanceandlovepoems
  40. Steven Popham`s poetry.     Todays poetry for everyone who has ever loved and been hurt.
  41. Petals of Passion.     poems praise and prose
  42. poems from the heart.     poetry love death fear
  43. Poetic Verses by Joyce Ann Geyer.     Poetry from lessons learned in life and emotions
  44. Gemini`s Poetry.     My poems
  45. Vision`s in the Night.     Love through the macabre
  46. Poetry.net.     Many links to poetry sites found here!
  47. short stories by maria.     short stories
  48. LifetimePoetry.     2+ years of writing all sorts of poems - Check them out
  49. \"My Thoughts, My Words, My Heart\".     poems that reflect everyone,somehow
  50. Pushpa Tuladhar`s Poetry pages.     Collection of my poetry
  51. \"Thoughts\".     In love poetry, Out of love poetry, Dreams, Words of thought
  52. Poetry.net.     Many links to poetry sites found here!
  53. Ethel`s Heart Poems.     poems from the heart
  54. Scar Factory.     Poems ranging from love, death to reflection on life. See the flip side of life.
  55. Matter of Heart...The Feelings.     Including poems.....full of feelings & emotions
  56. Tanya Marie`s Poetry.     Poetry form the heart
  57. The Clandestine Castle.     Romantic and Passionate Poetry
  58. martin clarkes poems.     love
  59. Feelings Within.     Love Poems
  60. The Thoughts of Miss Kitty.     Life Poems
  61. Interlude.     anyone can write about love...what I bring to the table is different...
  62. donnaminutes.     simply me
  63. Blessings and Lessons of Life.     The collective online poetry of Joyce C. Lock
  65. Inside this mind.     A look into a life of love, anger, fear, and much more
  66. Metaphorical Poetry.     Love- passions- erotics- friendship- hate- humour--etc
  67. PoetrybyDeborah.     My Website
  68. Tony`s Poems.     My site with poems from the heart.(La mayoria son en español)
  69. engelyn4endlesluv.     poetic-verses
  70. A Sense of Reality.     poems that express, expose what my heart unfolds...
  71. In Thoughts Of You.     The simple thoughts of a common man
  72. A Confessing Love.     Love Poems....with Sigs and Music...For Those who have found their soul mates
  73. poetrypoem.com/poetrybyterra.     Poems from within the heart
  74. http://freewebs.com/glorylandbound.     Native Poems,Smokey Mountains and Inspirational,family poems
  75. Matters Of The Heart.     Love, Life, and Happiness
  76. Love and Pain Entwined.     poetry mostly about love and pain
  77. Inspired by my life..     Inspired by my life and imagination
  78. Poems from the Heart.     Beautiful Poetry
  79. Gina Rey Forest.     Information about one of Jamaica`s leading poets
  80. Poetry of Joy.     poems of love, romance, dreams, and happiness
  81. My Life in Poetry.     Story of love and heartache
  82. Poems.     All the poetry
  83. Thunderducks Home Page.     Poetry / Books/ and computer help
  84. Poetry Of Love.     Special words expressed from with in ones Heart
  85. poemsfromasoldier.     SOULISTIC POETRY
  86. My Souls Reflections.     Reflecting back at past & present experiences & emotions of love,loss, anger and heartbreak
  87. Read Romantic Love Poems, Free Poetry Contest.     Free love poems, Love Poetry, romantic poems - Read the best romantic love poems.
  88. poetic garden.     my poetry
  89. My Souls Reflections.     love/heartbreak/memories/hopes/family
  91. poetry.     The perfect man
  92. The Poetry Of Troy Dunn.     The Poetry Of Troy Dunn
  93. contemporary poetry.     from the heart
  94. www.poetrypoem.com/tarasingh.     Hindi Poems
  95. YourImaginations.com Love Poems & Quotes.     The most romantic love poetry, friendship poems, classic poetry, romantic poetry, love quotes, marriage quotes, love letters, gift ideas, love greeting cards, poetry chat and more.
  96. Poetic Garden.     A variety of poems including Love Poems.
  97. Poetry By Troy - Free poems from a modern American poet..     Free poems written by modern American poet, Troy Dunn. Read and share his historical, love, and Zen poems and poetry.
  98. :: PoetryLovePoems.com | Collection of classical and modern love poems, love tips and advices!.     PoetryLovePoems.com is a totally free collection of classical and romantic love poems which you can dedicate to your loved ones. We also have love tips, gift ideas,ways to say I Love You and romantic and love quotes

* Romantic Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

  1. Metaphorical Poetry.     Mix of love, passions,friendship and romantic poems
  2. Mypoetry.     a few of my poems that i really like
  4. From the heart of a soldier.     poetry inspired by my girl
  5. Poetic Essence.     Pure essence of heart mind and sole
  6. Donna Lynn Thoman Poetry.     Donna Lynn Thoman Poetry
  7. Viking Poetry.     My views in poetry
  8. Ethel`s love Poetry.     Romantic poems
  9. Soul Mirrors.     Good family and stress busting poetry reading
  10. John Foster and Friends.     Poetry, Short stories, Pictures and more..
  11. THE POETRY OF FAITH.     The magic of everyday life
  13. .     Lindsey Grigsby - Poetic Verses..From the Soul of My Heart
  14. Q`s Poetry Corner.     A mixture of Love, Pain, Joy and Laughter
  15. Absurd stories and poems.     The absurd and abstract poetry collections, prose and plays of the Australian author Virtue Fern
  16. Shadows Of Romance.     This site specializes in Gothic romance poetry.
  17. NOSTALGIA - Visions of Yesterday.     POETRY OF LIFE
  18. Life ~ Serendipity ~ Lots of Words.     Contemporary poetry of one single mom making it through good and bad times from one day to the next!
  20. Poetry2uk.     Poems of mine, and add yours too

* Poetry Contests -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

  1. California Coastal Commission Coastal Art & Poetry Contest.     Help save the coasts of the west.
  2. Free Poetry Contest.     Submit your best poem for a chance to win. Plus read thousands of our best poems.
  3. New Age Inc..     Poetry & Writings
  4. Minolia.com.     Enter our poetry contest and get your poems recognized. Browse other great poems from experienced and beginning writers. Meet other poets and learn different things about poetry. Joining is free and easy!

* Teen Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

  1. Student Center.     Poems of the student center. Share your work.
  2. Our Poets.     A variety of poetry and rhymes for all!
  3. Let the Rain Fall.     Poems about love, life, and various topics
  4. ...Amanda*s Poems....     My poetry
  5. My Heart`s Daily Life.     About what I have been through as a teen so far
  6. in the eyes of a child.     this is what a 14 yr old child thinks
  7. www.poetrypoem.com/staceytodd.     new and old poetry written by 18 year old female
  8. In the Mind of a Young Teenager.    
  9. Poems From Me.     All of my poems on one little site
  10. Paper Heart----Spent Penny (This Is My Poetry).     Poetry, Song Lyrics, And Short Stories---Of George C. Ballard
  11. Misinterpreted Reality.     A cool poetry site looking for users. The forum needs to be brought to life!
  12. Small Let Downs In A losing Battle Called Life.     poems of heartbreak, depression, tragic stories of lost love... all beautiful
  13. Poems about saddness and why I`m so depressed.     Saddness
  14. Tears of Sorrow.     Saddness
  15. Paiges Poems.     Poems from a teens point of view.
  16. Poetic Soul ... Emerged.     Young Adult/Teen Poetry of every day life situations, imagination and talent. Fun for all ages!
  17. In A Dark Corner....Alone.     A bunch of my poems that I wrote from experience, many people have said that they can relate to them too. Check it out!! and review!!
  18. SoulPoetry.com.     Variety of Poems in English and Spanish made by young adults.Also you may join the affiliated Poets Section!
  19. Healing Heart.     Poetry by a fifteen-year-old POET!!!
  20. Behold the Man, Behold the Proof.     My thoughts, inner musings, and insane ravings. This is the truth, how things are, have been, or could be.
  21. My World of Poetry.     I write poems about love, hate, life, depression, ect.
  22. Best Teen Poetry.     Read teen poems and teen love poetry. Plus enter our teen poetry contest.
  23. Shawn`s Poetry.     Teen Poetry Written By Me
  24. Unknown Poets.     An amazing collection of suicidal teen poets poems
  25. Deep Down.     poetry on all accounts

* Friendship Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

  1. Inspirations Within.     A mix of Friendship and Romance Poetry. There are also a couple of short stories listed there.
  2. Within the Heart of a Poet.     Lifetime Memories
  3. Thank you poems Short funny poems French poems Lonely quotes Friendship poems Rhyming love poems.     Thank you poems Short funny poems French poems Lonely quotes Friendship poems Rhyming love poems Thank you quotes Funny poems French love poems Lonely poems Short friendship poems Funny friendship poems
  4. Poetry Notes; By Carol.     Poetry Notes

* Children`s Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

  1. Stories and Poetry by Kids.     This site has mostly stories but also includes poetry written by children.
  2. Jackies Poetry.     I Put Up Almost All Childrens Poetry
  3. Children`s Poetry.     The Poetry Lady teaches the joy of reading and writing children’s poetry to expand creativity for children.

* Birthday Poem -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

  1. FEELINGS OF THE HEART.     poems about the Lord and God`s Creations

* Wedding Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

    * Funny Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

    1. Poems and other ditties..     My collection of humourous poems & other ditties.
    2. Corporate Poetry.     Poems about the humor, sadness and irony of corporate life.
    3. Workhaiku.     Providing an office diversion with funny haiku poems about work and office ennui

    * Mother`s Day Poem -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

    1. DianesWorld.     Inspirational, Love, Native, Military

    * Inspirational Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

    1. To God Be The Glory.     Christian poetry
    2. Inspirational Poems by Norma.     6224poetry
    3. THE SHEEP PEN.     poetry by the people for the people. come and post your poems and short stories, everybody welcome to our home from home.
    4. Piles of poetry.     a forum for all types of poetry and short stories, come and post or view at our home from home.
    5. Images Poeticly Paint Minds.     spiritual poetry and inspirational
    6. jaisini.     art, artpoetry, essays
    7. Dreams of Grandeur.     A different range of poetry.
    8. Christian Poetry.     poems of nature and christian poetry
    9. POTLUCK POETRY.     Spiritual poetry, haikus and more
    10. poetrywithmeaning.    
    11. http://www.poets2000.com/poetry56.     poetry
    12. Poetic thoughtlessness.     poetry of my thoughtlessness
    13. simple poems.     Insperational Poems
    14. amateurpoet.     amateurpoet
    15. Poems about life.     my bio, poems from the book, new poems, link to buy a book
    16. Poems about life.     my bio, poems from the book, new poems, link to buy a book
    17. The Wood for The Trees.     A people watcher speaks out, observations about learning, self, truth, friendship, solitude, and so much more
    18. Adorable Poetry.     Poetry added daily by David William Atherton.
    19. Mind And Soul.     My Poetry collection
    20. Amateurpoet.     Poems I wrote for others to capture in their everyday reading`s.
    21. LostSoul2.     Poetry
    22. Bouquet Of Words Inspirations Love Haven.     Poetry from my heart of the soul Love &Life Wonders God;s love , A bit of everything that touches our every day life Hope to see you soon**
    23. Donna`s Window.     Thought stimulating poetry and verse.
    24. The Love of Jesus.     To share the Love of Jesus with others.
    25. Teardrop`s Corner.     Memorial Pages and hearfelt poetry
    26. real life poetry submit your poems and web links Loads of odes.co.uk.     real life published poetry about the world and the people in it, submit your poems and web links check out links pages also become a featured poet
    27. Poetry form the Heart.     I write poetry from life experiences and some are made up from my imagination. I enjoy writing positve heart warming poetry. I hope you enjoy.
    29. Tender Thoughts from Pearl Watley Mitchell.     Inspirational, Humorous, and Educational Poetry
    30. Elena`s Humming Soul.     Poems from within; mostly religious in nature;others are about life
    31. love and lost.     poetry from the heart
    32. A Poetry Garden.     My themes include appreciation of nature and dealing with life`s ups and downs, along with a touch of humor, and hopefully some inspiration to share! I hope you`ll drop by ~ Laryalee
    33. Heart Strings.     Poems from my heart, that pulls at yours.
    34. Mystic seed:echoes of the sages:.    
    35. Elena`s Humming Soul.     Poems from within
    36. Poetry by Atheana.     Welcome to my poetry site where you will find a selection of prose written over the years. Some of the poems are based on personal life experience, while others are a spoof on life itself. Most of the poetry in this site has been written by me; however, t
    37. Genesis.     Open your eyes and see the journey before you to take
    39. One Day At A Time.     My Thoughts & Inspirations
    40. Woodland Trail Of Poetry.     Original Poetry
    41. HOPE FOR THE.     These poems come from straight my heart
    42. All Honors To God.     Inspirational
    43. One Day At A Time.     My Thoughts & Inspirations
    45. poetrypoem.com/donna.     Inspirational and love poems
    46. Serene Calamity.     poeticity
    47. Rhymes For Reasons.     Personal Poetry
    48. AlexT`Girl Poems.     Some of my words which come straight from my heart about life as a T`Girl.
    49. Lovely Poems.     Lovelypoems.com offers truly unique animated poem webpages with great music and special effects. New animations are regularly added to the site and it’s completely free! Send our Love poems to the one you love.
    50. Order Of Angels.     Definitive poems from a poet of the ordinary man
    51. Endeavour Agencies Poetry Site.     for the evolving human spirit
    52. Tender Thoughts from Pearl Watley Mitchell.     Inspirational, Humorous, and Educational Poetry
    53. Vinas poetry.     My poems and words to uplift and help others and a tribute to family
    54. Echoes of the Heart.     All original poetry site, uplifting and inspired by God!
    55. ritaspoems.     Poetry About Life
    56. Candy`s Bouquet of Poetry.     A collage of poetry compelled together from the heart, forming a bouquet of radiance and realistic illusions.
    57. geoff tims modern poetry.     geoff tims modern poetry
    58. dennis hardys poetry page.     imagination/dreams/an a lot of clap-trap
    59. The Garden.     Poems to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ
    60. welcometomyhavenofrest.     a listing of christain and friendship poetry
    61. Gentle Ministries.     This site contains Poetry Prophetic Words Lifting up the precious name of Jesus
    62. Under His Wings.     Inspirational poetry
    63. Carol Meeks Home Page.     This is a family friendly site filled with my poetry, sports pages, Easter and Christmas pages, 9-11 tribute, my favorite links, and giving glory to God.
    64. Angels That Care.     Domestic Violence, missing and abused children resource site
    65. Poetic Verses By Ronald Smith.     My poems are all from the heart, and what i feel at the time of writing them
    66. Inspirational Corner.     I am a man with Cerebral Palsy I created Inspirational Corner for your enjoyment of my inspirational poetry. You can buy my poetry as bookmarks, Calendars, and To-Do-Lists.
    67. ritaspoems.     Inspirational Poetry
    68. Granny Barr`s Prose.     collection of inspirational poetry, family, friends, nature and daily life. Some whimsical, funny, some endearing, but all from the heart
    69. Dreams and Words on Paper.     poems of the heart
    70. Poetry, Prayers & Psalms.     There are hundreds of Prophetic Poetry for the Glory of Jesus Christ. Complete List of Women of the Bible for Edification in Jesus` Name, Amen!
    71. my world of poems.     my site is about life,love,pain,betrayl,and about feeling alone
    72. Mirrored Reflection.     Relationship poems dealing in feelings, self help, encouragement, troubled relationships, and inspiration
    73. HeavenSpirations.     Inspirational Christian Poetry
    74. The Power of Women.     Our organization gives personalized support to women everywhere for whatever issues they are facing. Our main goal is to incorporate peace and wellness into women`s lives everywhere, everyday. We believe that having a network of strong independent women o
    75. Preserving the past & channel my thoughts with poetry.     Role models, people that inspire, sports figures...
    76. DIPLOMATIC REBEL ON CREAKY BICYCLE.     Un-mainstream poetry by Wojciech Plocharski
    77. Lindas` From The Heart Poetry.     poeticmama
    78. Stormee`s Christian Poetry and Devotions.     Christian poetry from a heart under construction by our Master Builder, Jesus Christ.
    79. SonataGH Poetry.     Inspirational Poetry from the heart!
    80. djalemahmed.     life and love poatry
    81. authorspublish.co.uk.     Poet`s Corner-Books.Publishing and much more
    82. Cathys Poetry.     Enjoy and comment on Love,Friendship mother Dad, Children and more
    83. Using Poetry As A Therapy For Positive Living.    
    84. One Day At A Time.     Introduction to my feelings using all my senses.
    85. Meditation of My Heart.     Christian poetry and life experiences
    86. Denise`s Thoughts.     Funny/Thoughtful

    * War Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

    1. Jacks War Poetry.     Poems of war and conflict through out the ages.

    * Dark Poetry -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

    1. Dark Light.     display of a dimmer image of life
    2. Tonesworld.     perceptions
    3. celistaspoetry.     poetry
    4. The Locust and the Butterflies.     poems and thoughts
    5. The Looking Glass.     the looking glass
    6. Secret Madrigals: poetry by Will Dockery.     Beat poetry.
    7. OBSESSION with LIFE.     for the open and is most impressionable from all angels
    8. All That Thou Art.     My Poetry Page
    9. friendpoetryandstory magazine.     poetry, stories, fantasy, spiritual, dark, storyteller
    10. X_Poet_X @The Orphanage.     Autobiographical poetry of an Orphan trapped in a world of Loss, grief, sadness and abuse.
    11. Thoughts of an Unstable Mind.     mostly dark poetry, but not always
    12. Angst Corner.     An interesting poetry group. We are accepting new members. Join if you are interested. Lots of dark and expressive poetry.
    13. Takeli`s Poetry and Vision.     Share my Pain, Misery, Joy and my other poetry.
    15. tammiespoems.     book of poems
    16. Thoughts of a Confused Being.    
    17. poems from a lifetime.     poems of my life trials
    18. living the life of someone else.     very deep and emotional poetry. Some is soft poetry, some is very deep poetry.
    19. Poetry From the Soul.     A personal poetry page of childhood and ACOA poetry, prose, and laments with poetry links.
    20. Fairys Ramblings.     Life, Lust, Pain, Love
    21. THE DARK SIDE OF LANAIA LEE.     Is Lanaia the reincarnation of Edgar Allan Pole? Pay her a visit, read her work and you decide. If you like what you see you can buy her book here too!
    22. Oblique verse and prose.     Dark poetry concerning heartbreak
    23. BitterSweet.     dark, sinister, depressing poems
    24. Waiting in the Sun.    
    25. Thehittmann`s Creative Mind.     Thehittmann`s Creative Mind is a collection of poems written by Thehittmann (Shaun Wittmann). Shaun is a young writer from Adelaide, South Australia and he mainly writes \"dark\" and \"depression\" poetry but sometimes he also writes love poems, light ver
    27. Another girls Tourments.     A poetry site that is very black
    28. Rawemotions.     Mostly dark but some funny
    29. Poems of my heart.     Broken hearted love poems
    30. A Look Through These Eyes.     Poems about lost love, depression, failure, and lost friendships
    31. Welcome to Purgatoy...can you feel the burning?.     dark enlightenment...troubled yet assuring
    32. warmth with out touch.     poetry
    33. Whispers in the Dark.     Dark Poetry
    34. From the Depths.     My life in Poetry--depression, anorexia, cutting, family,
    35. Random Confessions.     This site is filled with my inner thoughts and some random confessions.
    37. ~Goddess Speaks~.     My poetry site which includes my works including dark,pagan,wiccan,romantic,Goddess based and simply inspired poems.
    38. thedarkerside.     a collection of hard hitting poems
    39. poems from my guts.     poems about life and love.

    * Other -- To add your link.  Please CLICK HERE:

    1. sterlz-web design.     UK Web-developer, emphasis on maths driven optimised java and graphics. fun page is an unforgetable experience.
    2. All My thoughts and feelings on the page.     My poetry
    3. Inspirations Within.     A mix of Friendship and Romance Poetry. There are also a couple of short stories listed there.
    4. megz poetry.     all kinds of poetry
    5. A Walk Through My Thoughts.     site features poetry by me. feel free to post your own on my site also!
    6. worldstar77.     Expressions for hearts
    7. Sympathy & Empathy / Halo & Pitchfork.     Writings, ramblings, lyrics, scrawlings....simply and infinitly Art
    8. Poems By Martha, Makings of a Poet, Martha Maiani,Poetry,Poems.     Makings of a poet, Marthas poems, poems by martha, Martha Maiani, marthas poetry, poems from the heart, poetry book, love poems
    9. ~POEMS~.     It has a lot of sad poems
    10. Just One In A Bed For Two.     Poetry about the opinionated perception of life by one person
    11. Poetry In A Cup.     Original poetry | guest poets | Featured poet award | Submissions accepted.
    12. M. Richard Smith - American Poet.     The musings of M. Richard Smith
    13. Poets Coffee Shop.     Where Seasoned and New Poets gather to sharpen up on writing.
    14. Poetic Verses.     Potic Verses for Everyone
    16. Songs of My Mind.     my poetry and writing
    17. Poetry for all of the family..     Poems arranged into categories for easier reading.
    18. The Coin Shop.     poems for fun
    19. Poetic Verses.     Potic Verses for Everyone
    20. Creative-Poems.     Add your poems and read other members poems. Get lots of feedback. You can rate and comment on every ones poems. Meet new people with our forums, chat room and private messaging and lots more. Share your creative writing, explore with us.
    21. Forever Poetry.     Poetry from life
    22. Ronald L. Wise Poetic Verses.     Urban Poetry
    23. Silverlining.     A selection of poems
    24. Thoughts from the Soul....     Heartfelt poetry expressing the love for my family and the pain and confusion of abuse...
    25. Soul Mirrors.     Good reading poetry
    26. Read My Poems.     An incomplete list of my poetry
    27. The Lifelong Poet.     Poetry Ive written all over my lifes travels
    28. Wolf_Echoes.     Poetry of: AS Gellatly
    29. PoeticArtistry.     Illustrations, Poetry, Greeting Cards Sales, Send Online Greetings
    30. The Wilderness Within.     poetry
    31. http://poetry.about.com.     THE starting place for exploring poetry on the Net: feature articles, interviews, poems, links guides, Museletter, a lively forum for conversation & informal workshopping, poetry how-tos, everything from Whitman to Rich, Yeats to Ginsberg, sonnets to slam
    32. poetic allsorts.     a mixture of love,life,every day feelings and general issues writen from my own experiences
    33. PoetryExpress.     Tips & techniques for writing poetry.
    34. rlpoetry.     the website with the sunset on it
    35. The Internet Poetry Site of Doug Tanoury.     Online ebook Collections of Poetry
    36. Prose-n-Poetry.com.     the best writers site on the web. Poetry, prose, books, interactive, family enviroment, youth friendly and protected. Come on and join us!
    37. poems of life.     poems and songs
    38. Keepin It Real Poet!.    
    39. M. Richard Smith - New American Poet.     Poetry. Links, Info, etc
    40. inside me you will find her.     poems from a troubled girl that needs to let people know how she really works
    41. Clara`s Poem`s.     I have some good poem`s some are not that good but I like the all
    42. Renae`s Poetry.     has poems in a wide veriety
    43. Musings by The Poet Loriet.     My journey through life and all of its nuances chronicled in poetry
    44. Sunny`s Window.     A nice relaxing site full of my original poetry and artwork, where the door is always open, and the coffee is hot!!
    45. Poetry From The Soul, For The Soul.     My Poems
    46. Released Curiosity.     Where rules of perception may cease
    47. Released Curiosity.     Where rules of perception may cease
    48. Donna`s Window.     Poetry for the Poet and Non-Poet
    49. .     Photos of the author Myriam Acero
    50. All about me.     Great poemes here
    51. poetryofdorothyleenorris.     Dorothy`s Poetry Page
    52. Poems For Everyone.     poetry about everything in life
    53. Poetry Park.     My Soul In Words
    54. In Minds Eye.    
    55. Bizzoc7`s Cipher.     poetry, poems, still building
    56. rholu.     poem everyday
    57. Galaxi.     A compilation of my poetry
    58. Poetic Whispers In Verse.     A diverce mixture of poetic verse.
    59. Ajahbad`s Collection.     poems
    60. Rae`s poetry.     All poems written by Rae
    61. Site Into A Soul.     Fun, sad, witty, weird! Poems of all kinds!
    62. Art Decayed.     poetry and artwork of Karen Wedley
    63. Night Falls at Sunrise.     Maniacal Depression what else...cut with true observation
    64. Poetic Whispers In Verse.     A diverce mixture of poetic verse.
    65. Recherche` Poetry.     It is not for me to decide or tell you why you should read my poetry. It is you who must make judgments and decisions on your own. But if a description helps you make your desicion, you will be missing great things in your life because of your lack of in
    66. Life.    
    67. Marias` Verses.     my publish book store
    69. The Poet Sanctuary.     Free online poetry community where poets may share their work and receive reviews. Also offers a free cash prize poetry contest, publication, workshop, and more. Join now! You won`t regret it! Thousands of members...
    70. Echoes of the Heart.    
    71. My Poetry.     poems and narrations
    72. My Sentiments Exactly.     My feelings
    73. Myth`s Poetry Boards.     interactive poetry site.
    74. Maria`s Reflective Poetry.     My own reflective poetry on my experiences ,thoughts and feelings then and now growing up in care in Scotland
    75. Cowboy Dirk`s Cowboy Poetry.     The main place I post my cowboy poetry
    76. Quiet, He Might Hear You.     The Novel Everyone Is Whispering About!
    77. words from the heart.     events,nature
    78. Thought Traffic.     Free Poetry & Short Stories to read online
    79. In 2 Poetry.     Authors original poetry and lyrics.
    80. Poetry-today.     Poetry for all seasons
    81. My poetry that I wrote that everyone should read.     a peice of my heart in everyone
    82. Day Dreams.     Poetry
    83. Voices of Christ Prophetic Poetry Team.     Christian Prophetic Poetry Ministry
    84. Poetic Verses.     Love and Life
    85. Reflection From A Womans Mind.     Poems about love, lost, friendship, and family
    86. Jessicas` Signature Poems.     A site to pulish your poems, and view others poems. People are able to view and critique your poems, as well as you can ,thiers.
    87. vinaspoetry43.     Poems From MY Heart
    88. Poems.     Home page of a Poet from Philadelphia
    89. Nick Twixt Comix 10cents C H E A P !.     Devoid of Moral Content! Educational! Hilarious and Irreverent! Buy some today, 10cents CHEAP!!
    90. real life poetry submit your poems and web links Loads of odes.co.uk.     real life published poetry about the world and the people in it, submit your poems and web links check out links pages also become a featured poet
    91. Verbal Zen.     all kinds of poetry, a view into the author`s mind and soul
    92. Nanny`s poems.    
    93. Mehrub`s Heaven Home.     Mixed Poems like romantic, love, friendship etc.
    94. Haggard and Halloo.     Publishing experimental poetry and prose.
    95. poetrybypj.     poems of different kinds
    96. PILES OF POETRY.     All types of Poetry by the people for the people
    97. My best.     Poetry of R. Dean Ludden
    98. Jamie`s Rhymin` Releases.     I am just a beginning poet. Most of my poems are a reflection of something that either happened in my life or inspired me in my life. Come and check it out! Leave feedback and sign my guestbook. I picked love as a category because I love to write poem
    99. A Summer Affair.     A collection of original, contemporary poetry; some personal poems - life as I`ve see it.
    100. Poems and Quotes.     Presents visitor submitted poems and quotes classified by subject. Also provides poetry forum, chat and articles.
    101. Nature.     the wonders around us
    102. Dazed and Confused.     all the emotions of a broken hearted teen... and some happy ones too
    103. behind a smile.     poetry about pain
    104. ~Goddess Speaks~.     My poetry site which includes dark,pagan,etc... poetry of my own works.
    105. poetrybypj.     poems of true life and imaginary,also soap opera updates
    106. One Degree Past Reality.     Life/Metaphysical/Death
    107. Ravensong: Poetry by Donovan Baldwin.     Original poetry by Donovan Baldwin. Truck Driver, Retired Soldier, Accountant and Poet.
    108. Poems,and bits and pieces, by Andrew Siddle.     Just a few thoughts on paper!
    109. the LNW Project @stevensmedley.com.     Site offers a chance for other writers to submit their work for free and have it featured all month.
    110. Caroline Fox - Poetry.     Prize winners, editors choices, biography and debut collection.
    111. amethyst.     poems of varied topics
    112. Everything of Me.     A lot of poems of feelings of love and family, just read to find out
    113. A Begining in Poetry.     Poetry and Writing
    114. kertmoor`s poetry of Love, Life, and Inspiration.     kertmoors poetry
    115. Seasons Of the Heart.     Many different types of Christian poetry
    116. Emily`s ramblings.     Author blog containing poetry and some fiction. Updated frequently - comments and participation actively solicited!
    117. www.communityzero.com/all.of.gods.children.     A place were Gods Children can come together , and worship the Lord! If you have any question, or would just like to add your veiw, about your relationship with God, to let the whole word know, please come and join my site! It`s free and I would love to h
    118. The Rant Foundation.     Contemporary Bliss, and Controversy
    119. Poems Of My Life 1.     Poems motivated by life`s disappointments and my vision
    120. sexcwallpaper.     afrocentrically enhanced poems
    121. Rantings of the Over-medicated.     Poems about life, religion, politics, relationships. Often dark. Always honest. If you`re looking for singing flowers and fluff, stay away!
    122. The Water Bearer Rhymes.     Writings from my heart. Instpirational, friendship, love tragedy, etc.
    123. Poetry from a young mind.     Poems
    124. Mindful Ilusions.     mindful Ilusions
    125. soapupdatesbypj.     poetry updates on cbs sops
    126. The Silentfusion Collective Presents.     Creative writing e-zine for the not-so-stuffy. Poetry, miscellaneous prose, blogs, short fiction, editorials, articles, online publishing, forums, writing community.
    127. Emotional Technology.     Musings, Raves, and Rants...
    128. Canadian Poems & Short Stories Community.     Submit here for free your poem or short story about Canada , and get published.No contest!
    129. Maroonfanson.     Poems about broken hearts, love and life.
    130. CafeDeSoul.     Your true source for Spoken Word, Slam , Hip Hop & Neo - Soul
    131. Love.     General site by Marion
    132. www.adeb.netfirms.com.     Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen,s poems about love,freedom,and dream
    133. haven of rest.     poems of my life,my friends my angels here on earth
    134. Poetry by Grover Gall.     Freeverse and other forms of poetry.
    135. Poetry by Skinsfan.     Lots of humor.
    136. DISTINCT FEELINGS.     Poems of my life and experiences. They are all true and lived by me.
    137. A Scent of Reality.     emotions that flow from the depths of my soul, as I take some time to smell the rose...
    138. Criss` Own Little World.     poetry
    139. Poetic Verses.     Poetry By Ms. VerseStified
    140. Creative-Poems.     Become a member of the world’s friendliest free poetry site! Add your poems and get tons of feedback. You can read and comment on other member’s poems. Meet new people that share the same interests as you with our forums, chat room, private messaging and
    141. Soul Therapy.     The Good The Bad and The Kinda Scary
    142. The Collected Poems Of Terence Pettigrew.     Poems written with feeling and honesty
    143. Ramblings of a Demented Genius.     Varied thoughts that come from a Demented Genius
    144. willinglywriting.     My life thru my words
    145. poetry4 the soul.     it`s not religious i just like the back ground other than that the site is the boom
    146. Life In Verse.     A Collection Of My Poems, On A Variety Of Different Subjects.
    147. Modern Writers Community.     MWC is site or all writers, Modern writers is dedicated to contemporary literature.
    148. Poetry For All Seasons.     Ever had the need to give that special gift to that special person and couldn`t quite decide what? Simple! Give a gift that never dies. Give a poetry gift.
    149. poetic verses.     A clooection of various poems
    150. My Deliberation.     A trip through my thoughts and experiences
    151. My Poetry.     My website for all my poetry.
    152. Heart and Soul of Dawn.     Poetry on every subject displayed in the most luxurious graphics to be found anywhere online
    153. A raging heart with a tale of life and love to tell.     Poetry not for the narrowedminded
    154. Fairytales Don`t Grow On Trees.     poetry, no one catagory, all of life is relevant and needs to spoken, written, and read
    155. Corner Poetry.     A Poetic journey with 1000’s of poems by hundred’s of poets. Visit the Host`s corner as well as his friends and many other great and fantastic poets. Also countless links to other poetry web sites!
    156. poemsbynanniejoy.     My poems are mostly based on my children, grandchildren, family, friends, my love for them and God, my life in general.
    157. From the heart of Jackie.     poems for all seasons of life
    158. Jill`s Poetry.     welcome to my hidden reality
    159. escape.     Poetry of Life
    160. Fairytales Don`t Grow On Trees.    
    161. The Poetry Lounge.     The Poetry Lounge is a forum for writers and lovers of poetry to read, post and enjoy poetry and other great resources. Join today!


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