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WELCOME TO MY..."POEMS FROM MY HEART" Hello everyone ;-) I want to thank all of you who have signed my guest book.And to say THANKS for all the kind words.And my family~~~I LOVE YOU !!! My poems that I have on my Web Site, they are written by me and they are special to me ! I have Birthday's for the YOUNG and the Elderly~~~~ I have SAD poems and HAPPY ones too. There's Angels,Kitties and Doggies Long walks in the Park and on the Beach My Country and yours and about our FREEDOM too Some on Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden Poems about Family and Friends Some about the Sun,Earth and Sky There's Passion and one about MR. Right Prayers of faith,angels and miracles and A Rose I Picked For You ~~LOVE,LIFE,LAUGHTER and PEACE~~ vinaspoetry43 EXPERIENCING SEVERE PAIN IN YOUR CHEST,THAT STARTS TO RADIATE OUT INTO YOUR ARM AND UP INTO YOUR JAW ? PLEASE READ ON... SINCE MANY PEOPLE ARE ALONE WHEN THEY SUFFER A HEART ATTACK,THIS WILL HELP ! WITHOUT HELP, IF YOU HEART STOPS BEATING PROPERLY,AND YOU FEEL FAINT,YOU HAVE ONLY ABOUT 10 SECONDS LEFT BEFORE LOSING CONSCIOUSNESS. HOWEVER,YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF BY COUGHING REPEATEDLY AND VERY VIGOROUSLY.A DEEP BREATH SHOULD BE TAKEN BEFORE EACH COUGH,AND THE COUGH MUST BE DEEP AND PROLONGED,AS WHEN PRODUCING SPUTUM FROM DEEP INSIDE THE CHEST,AND A COUGH MUST BE REPEATED ABOUT EVERY 2 SECONDS WITHOUT LET UP UNTIL THE HEART IS FELT TO BE BEATING NORMALLY AGAIN. DEEP BREATHS GET OXYGEN INTO THE LUNGS AND COUGHING MOVEMENTS SQUEEZE THE HEART AND KEEP THE BLOOD CIRCULATING. THE SQUEEZING PRESSURE ON THE HEART ALSO HELPS IT REGAIN NORMAL RHYTHM. THIS WAY,HEART ATTACK VICTIMS CAN GET TO A HOSPITAL ! AND THE BEAT GOES ON ;-) ~~~ A LITTLE STORY ABOUT MY SWEET MOM ~~~~~ By: Lavina Burgess In Loving Memory of My Mom 2001 My mom is one of 15 children. She was born in Caswell,Maine. She had 12 children.There were seven girls and five boys She was married at 16 and had her last child at the age of 38. She had a difficult marriage, with dad drinking every week-end and trying to get money out of him to feed us and pay the bills. I use to see mom taking money out of his pockets, so he wouldn't buy more liquor. We moved so many times. I remember one place, it was so cold and damp that our glasses of water we put on the window sills at night, would freeze and by morning we would eat the ice. ;-) We had no running water and we had to lug water for drinking. And when mom had to wash our clothes we would carry the big milk cans full of water so she could wash our clothes. In the winter we had a pot to go to the bathroom in, because it was too cold to go out to the back house. In one of the houses( that I had mentioned earlier)that mom and dad rented,was a big old farm house.Lots of memories in that house. But we still had two and three in a bed. It was always the eldest of the girls that helped mom. One would iron and one would do some of the house cleaning. The one thing we had, was a clean house. Mom would say..."Cleanliness is the way to the heart". Mom would sweat over the stove doing all the cooking,canning,making loafs and loafs of bread every day.We had a huge garden and she would always tell us the vegetables will sure taste good this Fall when we don't have nothing to eat. She would always remind us to take our vitamins and eat our vegetables. And if we burned our toast, she would say..."Burnt toast would make our teeth white"! or... "You can't have tea or coffee,because it will stunt your growth"! And gee, I hear myself saying the same things to my children and grandchildren. And that makes me laugh ! In the Autumn when potato harvest came, mom and dad would have us all work at the fields,at the age of five, picking potatoes.Because thats when we would all get new clothes and shoes for school.Also once a year we all get to go to the "Presque Isle Fair". Dad hardly worked during winter time,because there was no work. And we did not have welfare or un-employment like they do now. The church would send us a big box for Christmas sometimes. So what we did not have,we did not miss. Mom would say..."If God wanted us to have it,we would have it"! (Whatever that meant)Then she would say... "We will survive on what we have,and not starve"! Thats when the rabbits,fish,pheasants and other wild animals,and we thanked God for that ! ;-) We had lots of chores and we did it all and well,because if we didn't,the switch would be waiting.Mom would only have to tell us once, maybe twice ! ;-) I remember mom wanted to paint the kitchen and had no paint brush,so she used dads shaving brush.And she had the kitchen all done by the time we all got home from school ! Boy,did she get yelled at by dad ! Mom made most of our clothes and knitted all our mittens and scarfs. We had no television, just a big old radio, and I can still see us all sitting on the floor,in a circle by that radio listening, quiet as a mouse,you could hear a pin drop. There were measles,mumps,scrapes and big bruises. I can feel mom's hand as she comforts me now, as I am typing this out. ;-( I remember all the ear aches and tooth aches,and she was always there for me ! Her voice so calm and soft,saying..."You'll feel better soon honey"! We prayed together,went to church every Sunday. And I'll never forget what mom would say..."We have to make sure the house is real clean because the priest is coming over to bless our house'. Then, if anyone wanted a priest to come and bless your house and everyone in it ,he would make a visit. Mom didn't have to say much ,she showed us compassion and love, she had enough to pass around to all of us ! Dad was so tired by the time he came home from work,he just wanted to sit and have peace and quiet.At times he would go out of town to work and nights when he was away,during the bad thunder storms,some of us kids would crawl in her bed and she would let us sleep with her.She would just say..." It's just a storm we will be alright"! Thats just how mom was,when we needed her,she was always there to comfort us,through sickness ,storms, bad or good times. She was true,wise,and she guided and taught us right from wrong. So you see,that's what mom's are all about. We had no material things,but we had something much more important and that was love for each other. Mom is gone now,but she will always live in my heart forever and always..... MOM I LOVE YOU ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Great news..... My daughter is a lead singer in a country band to see the web page click here.... stampedecountry.bravehost.com/ Here is a poem I did for her and the band members... A Dream Comes True By: Lavina Burgess 6/19/2005 Deep in your heart, the music plays Your voice so strong in every way You're the lead singer And the proof is all there Scott's on the drums, way in the back Thank God for him, he put you on the right track Jack and Tommy, with their jamming guitars Grab your tambourine, and sing with the guys While your on stage, give it all you got They say, practice makes perfect You've done all that, and... don't forget "Ya-all" That's the good ole country drawl Down on the dance floor, they'll be looking at you Their drinking black velvet and strawberry wine Holding their hats, and doing the grind Their doing the two step, and looking real fine Red Neck Women, and Delta Dawn There's gonna be some rocking, so please hold on Keep Your Hands To Yourself, if you can The bar's gonna be rocking, I thank "Ya-all" for that! ~~~vinaspoetry43~~~ LOVE,LIFE,LAUGHTER and PEACE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 About The Author:

My name is Lavina~ I hope you will enjoy my site and please come back often. The poems and spiritual writings on my site are done by me ,so enjoy ! I have written many about my family and friends,and more will be posted soon ! THE BEST LESSON I LEARNED FROM MY MOTHER~~~~ BE... considerate,kind,thoughtful,truthful,patient,carefree,positive,have faith and most of all...be monogamous! Mom had a sense of humor ;-) She learned to love life and laugh when given the chance.:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The most important thing to me is family. I have 3 kids and 6 grandchildren. I am married to a wonderful man. As I am happy with all I have I know that many are not. This site is dedicated to not only my family and friends but to all the lives out there that don't have the laughter and love that I have. We as a group have to stand up and fight against the negative and help people with the positive. Some ways to do this is: ~~~~~~~~~Stop Child abuse in its track!! Stand up and be counted. Help all the children have a chance to love and laugh. ~~~~~~~~~~Stop domestic violence! If you hear violence going on, do something! Don't think it is none of your business, cause it is all our business. Say "NO" to drugs. If we don't do something who will? One Bad Apple By: (c)Lavina Burgess One bad apple in a bag Take it out before they all go bad One bad person in a crowd Tell him/her "Loud" ... "No bad person in our crowd!" If a druggie gives you pills Tell him loud... " NO" and walk away Those kind of people You don't want for friends To make good friends You have to be kind After that... they'll hang around Good friends are hard to find A friend for life, is true to you And always... will be there for you, Through rough times and good times Through thick and thin You'll always have a friend I have one friend, and she's so fine We've been friends for a long, long time I live down south, and she lives up north Even though we're far apart She's still... forever in my heart So... get rid of the bad apple That's in the bag Also... the person in the crowd That's trying to sell you drugs Just say..."NO" You don't need friends like that! ~~~~~~~~~Stop animal abuse! It is a fact that human violence is associated with animal abuse. Serial killers and murderers started out with animals before moving on to people. Animals are living beings and should not suffer. Stand up and fight! ANIMAL CRUELTY By: Lavina Burgess 12/10/03 Animal cruelty, I can't understand How can anyone be so cruel It breaks my heart, I feel their pain Why, why, is there so much hate? Don't we know... That animals too, feel the pain? We stub our toes, or scrape our knees Or maybe fall Don't we all cry out? Don't we feel the pain...the hurt? Kick a puppy across the room Or scold them... Because they pee on the floor Look in their eyes, and what do you see? But only the fear of you and me Don't you think they feel the pain? A playful kitty, just playing around Playing with a ball of yarn Or a puppy, just running through the house Trying to grab his/her tail How could one be so cruel? To abuse an animal, they are such fools Tortured, mutilated, skinned or burned How can anyone do such harm That pet you killed, had once belonged... To someone, that loved him/her for so long! All kindness is something that is taught, by teaching compassion and speaking out for the innocent you are doing good and making a difference:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let's all remember our troops overseas and lets hope they come home safe. Remembering Veterans Day copywrited (c) by: Lavina Burgess ~~~vina~~~ 11/11/2004 Red Poppy flowers, for our soldiers Who are disabled or lost their lives This Poppy flower, became a symbol For those who carried scars Mothers and loved ones Embracing those letters/pictures Will never forget- our soldiers who fought To protect our country and theirs Waiting patiently every day For those letters...that shed some tears And phone calls to come our way To hear a voice, so precious in every way To Remember all our veterans, this Veterans Day... I bought a red, Poppy flower... today! I am also very proud to be a part of the Phenomenal woman of the web! Thank you!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When reading my poetry know that my heart is in the words and the meanings are in my thoughts. Enjoy and please email me with your thoughts and words of hope. Thank-you very much ! ~~vinaspoems43~~ ~~Love,Life,Laughter and Peace~~

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