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I don't know what to say
My mom they took her a way
before she went she gavem e a present
a book of cinderella the peasant

i wanted to remember her
not even a picture
so cinderella became my mom
they said i was a stupid and dumb

when i asked if they wanted to see her
i showed them the book and the picture
they lauughed i cried
had my mom died?

i had a clown she made me
she was my friend, you see
we talked every day
policeman took us kids away

you hang onto what you can
you don't understand
when you are small and lonely
a picture was my only

they took away the clown and the picture too
i just cried and cried what else could i do?
but if you asked me of my mother
cinderell pictures 1 after another

for it was all i ever was to keep
not mary had a lambor ms bo peep
Cinderella was who I knew U be
MOm was Cinderella to me

LOve...Jaqi 2006